You've Been Decorating Your Room Wrong This Whole Time


Let’s be real honest here: Any sort of remodeling of your home stinks. It’s expensive, stressful, time consuming, expensive, and you never really get exactly what you want. Oh, did I mention it’s expensive too? I did?

Let me tell you a home horror story (so if you’re easily scared, maybe read with the lights on):

I recently decided to add LED lights above our kitchen counters. Our counters were a black hole of darkness even with the overhead kitchen light on. So, I decided to call a contractor. The guy came to our house, took one look at our kitchen counters and said, “$1250…$900 if you want the cheaper version.”


Yeah, that was not an option. I was not about to get played by a contractor whose only goal was to fleece me. So, I decided to do it myself by using these…

These LED strips were a complete game changer. It was literally the “AHA” moment I’d been looking for. (AKA, the “Hey dummy, it’s so obvious you should be doing this instead of paying someone else” moment.)

Now, most higher quality LED rolls (50/50 as opposed to the cheaper version of 35/28) go for around $75.00. Meh. Not bad (at least better than that contractor). You know what these sell for?

 $34.95 with free shipping for a limited time.  

Yeah — $34.95.

The exact same high quality for a fraction of the price and not sold in stores. $34.95. You’ll be paying dollars instead of hundreds of dollars for the exact same professional look.

The entire process was insanely simple. No extra tools or accessories were needed. The strip included 300 LED lights on one roll, with each roll covers 16.4 feet (5 meters) — the same length as Phillip Hue or Lifx but at a fraction of the price — and they’re easy to link together. The strips can even be cut to adjust the length or to connect to an additional set of light strips. It’s really just a matter of rip and stick, then plug and play.

And instead of looking like someone who overpaid for a kitchen renovation, I looked like a genius who saved time, money, and a whole bunch of headaches.

And these LED lights aren’t just for kitchens. Check this out…

Yeah, you want your bedroom to look super cool? LightGeeks has 16 color options, including three single colors (red, blue, green) and 13 mixed colors. Plus, the 24-Key Remote (yes, it has a remote — all of us lazy people rejoice!) lets you customize your color, strobe, and dimmer settings for those times where you want to make things a little more…you know…sexy.

You can use these LED lights basically anywhere. Along your stairs so it’s easier to get to your midnight snack? Check. In the basement for when you want to have that rager of a party that everyone will Instagram about? Double check. Outside for the holiday seasons so you can make that annoying next-door neighbor seethe with jealousy? Triple check.

You will really not find higher quality LED lights at a price like this. This is a direct, exclusive offer that you will not see anywhere else. For as easy to install, for as great as they look, these things are a steal.  $34.95 with free shipping for a limited time for all of this. If you are a smart consumer, you’ll want to jump on these now while supplies last by just clicking here. And if you’re not a smart consumer?

Well…I got the name of a contractor for ya.

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