Why Hillary Clinton Is Basically Daenerys Targeryan


Watch the Throne

On the exact same day, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the 2016 presidential race and the return of Game of Thrones found Daenerys Targaryen (aka everyone's favorite Khaleesi) reasserting her power. Coincidence? I think not. You can keep your Illuminati suspicions (we've got our eye on you, RhiRhi!); my current favorite conspiracy theory is that Hill and Daeny are parallel universe soul sisters. As the Dothraki would say, it is known. Check it out.

What's in a Name?

Although "Clinton" doesn't have quite the same ring to it as "Daenerys Targaryen called Stormborn, the Unburnt, " does, it shares the ability to perk up ears and strike fear into the hearts of opponents. Both Hillary and Daenerys are the product of political dynasties, and although the Clinton crest might feature a saxophone or cigar (too soon?), as opposed to dragons, it still packs a partisan punch.

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Power Couple 

Both Ms. Clinton and the Khaleesi prove that behind every great man is a great woman...quietly plotting her own rise to power. Their main squeezes, Bill and Drogo, respectively, are charismatic, occasionally crude leaders, kept (at least somewhat) grounded by a boss bae. While both ladies at first seemed content to simply stand by their men, their quests for leadership, be it in the Oval Office or on the Iron Throne, are built 100% on girl power.

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Dany and Drogo, HBO

Mother May I?

Daenerys' most notorious moniker is "Mother of dragons." And while Chelsea Clinton is not technically a dragon, there's no denying that this Stanford grad and all-around overachiever has been burning it up since her zygote days at 1600 Pennsylvania. Both Hil and Daeny are proud mhysas who must strike a balance between their maternal instincts and the sometimes ruthless realities of politics. And although neither are perfect parents (see Daeny locking the dragons up in Meereen/Hil allowing Chelsea out of the house with her 90's hair) both do an overall admirable job.

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Hillary and Chelsea share a moment, Getty Images

Tone-Deaf Tenderness

You know that uncomfortable, slightly squirmy feeling you get when Hillary tries a little too hard to convince us she understands the struggle of everyday Americans? Bet you felt the same way when Daenerys casually crowd surfed on a throng of slaves. Both Secretary of State and Breaker of Chains are well-meaning white women with generous hearts who could nonetheless stand to check their privilege a bit. (And while Hillary has yet to literally stage dive onto her supporters, well, the campaign has just kicked off.)

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Oh, Dany, HBO

Who Runs the World? Girls.

Let's just say it"”both Hillary and Daeny are basically boss bitches. They've got kickass attitude to spare, and shatter glass ceilings left and right just by being themselves. And doing so, I might add, while looking straight up elegant, whether in flowy desert-chic gowns or sensible pantsuits. Both are maybe a little arrogant but definitely capable. Flawed, feminist forces to be reckoned with with firey eyes and mile-high ambitions. Listen up Lannisters, GOP: These are women on the rise. Watch the throne.

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