We Got New Office Chairs And Life Is Suddenly Better


Before we found out about Autonomous, something was wrong.

You know the feeling. You can't quite shake it, but something is OFF. It's a nagging feeling.

We'd go to our office. Sit down. Do our work. What was the trouble with that? We were searching for answers.

Then, we got a hold of new desk chairs from Autonomous (like this ErgoChair 2.) And we realized. It was our chairs that were actually the problem. It's like the heavens opened. (Cue angel noise sound effect.)

Our backs were hurting, and we didn't understand why. We were uncomfortable, and didn't understand why. Now we know we can chalk it up to the chairs we were using from that place you always get lost inside and can't pronounce the names of the furniture. Ahem. You know.

Introducing: The Ergo Chair 2.

Now look how happy we are sitting in our ErgoChair 2.

The ErgoChair 2 vows to make work feel good. And it delivers on its promise, according to the solved mystery of our aching backs.

Why is this ergonomic chair so good? It's just.so.adjustable.

You can adjust it in basically any position you can think of to sit in. It's designed to relieve pressure points no matter how you're sitting. Up your lumbar tension, tilt the headrest, or slide and lift the arm pads as much as you need to. It does it all.

Even if you have an insane project that you have to sit for hours to work on, you'll still feel good at the end of the day.

It also has a breathable mesh backing, which is basically like sitting in a hug. When you lean back, it cradles you so you're nice and cozy. And because of the Italian designed tilting mechanism, you can customize your support and how much you want to lean back just as much as you need to.

Also, you can get it in six different color combinations of red, blue, or green to match whatever cool office vibe you've got going on.

Also Introducing: The AvoChair.

Just look how focused you can be in this chair. SO FOCUSED.

Lower back pain is caused by the pressure that builds up on your spinal discs when you spend all your day sitting. You know what makes it better? Lumbar support. And good chair.

It also doesn't hurt when your chair looks extra slick.

Sure, you're thinking. This chair might be extra slick. But aren't chairs like that usually extra...expensive? You might think so, with all their ergonomic skills.

But you'd be wrong. You won't find a chair of this quality for this price on the market. We'd challenge you to try it, but we'd like to just save you some time and tell you we already did. There weren't any.

Ergonomic AvoChair. It might be a tongue twister, but it could literally save you countless hours of pain. We're not exaggerating. 

We spend about 2,000 hours a year on average sitting in our office chairs. Why in the world wouldn't you make it a good one? A good chair can literally relieve you of nerve pain, stress, strain, and injury - all a bunch of things you could just avoid if you got a better chair.

The minimalistic design is huge on features. You can lock in your perfect height preference, and make sure you adjust to the exact reclining tension you're looking for. The arm position can be set at any angle, and the seat slides smoothly up and down. 

This chair is ergo-friendly AND eco-friendly. It's made of components that are all 100% recyclable, so in 1,000 years someone won't look at your office chair and resent you for ruining the environment. Look at that deep bowl seat. We just want to sit in it. (We are, actually. Huzzah.)

Life's too short to sit in a chair that's actually slowly ruining your body. Time to get rid of all those silent killers you've been sitting on, and actually do something nice for yourself for once. Find out more HERE.

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