Woman Arrested Trying to Buy Meth For "Sister's Birthday"

In Utah"”a state you can rely on for weird news every day of the week"”police officers in the city of Provo arrested 46-year-old Heather Rodriguez for attempting to make a methamphetamine purchase from a police officer.

Not an undercover police officer posing as a drug dealer, mind you. No, Heather just had the misfortune of the random stranger she arbitrarily chose to inquire about getting some meth turning out to actually be an off-duty cop. Don't you hate it when that happens?

After on-duty cops came to arrest Heather, she tried to justify the foiled transaction by claiming that this is all one big misunderstanding"”the meth wasn't for her; it was a going to be a birthday present for her sister!

Yep, this lady really must have assumed the old "present for my sister" story was going to get her off the hook and she and the officers would all have a good laugh about the silliest of mix-ups...because even if she really was just out birthday gift shopping, what would be the point of volunteering that information?

I bet Heather was the type of teenager who, when her parents found drug paraphernalia in her room, claimed she was "just holding it for a friend."

I only assume that to be the case because when the arresting officers also found a meth pipe on her person, Heather tried running that bogus line by them as well"”only to find that it's not as effective when told to police by a middle-aged woman.

But who knows, maybe Heather is actually telling the truth on all counts"”I'll let whatever lucky judge gets this case determine that.

I just hope her sister has an okay birthday party, in spite of the now likely lack of meth. Meth isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I think of drugs that people break out only on special occasions. In fact, it seems like the kind of thing that takes over peoples' lives 24/7/365"”not something you can just do once a year as a birthday treat. But I've never met Heather's sister, so maybe I'm wrong"”if she's got the kind of will power that allows her to use meth recreationally"”well, then that chick's really got it together!

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