Tiny Toddler Shops For Booze

He's the cutest drunk around, and he's on a mission to make grocery shopping a better experience for us all. Some might be worried that he could drop his bottle of Bols Vodka, cutting himself on shards of broken glass and experiencing the excruciating pain of alcohol seeping into his wounds, but he's not. He's got his lime green Crocs on, and he's ready to kick some ass. Our hero knows that daredevils have more fun, and he's going to stop at nothing until he gets his tiny cart and his bottle of booze to the checkout line. 

Trader Joe's must have been anticipating his visit, because they supplied the perfect background music. Seriously, could Deniece Williams' "Let's Hear It For The Boy" be any more fitting for this occasion? I think not, my friends. The only thing that would have made this shopping trip even better is if Kevin Bacon appeared and busted out his moves from Footloose. 

Let's also give a hand to this toddler's father, who knows that the best way for his son to learn is to make his own decisions. If he wants to black out from a night of Vodka Redbulls, it's the hangover that will teach him what a reckless idea it was. Sometimes you've got to let the lessons teach themselves. In the end, this tiny tot will have the last laugh. After a few mornings feeling like he's been hit by a train, he'll learn his limits, and he'll be better prepared for college than any of his peers. In fact, he'll have total bragging rights during his freshmen orientation when one of the guys will start spouting off that he got drunk for the first time at the young age of 13, and our hero will remember the first time he picked up his first bottle of bottom shelf liquor and just laugh. 

Keep doing your thing, little man. You're making us all proud.
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