This Little Gadget Just Might Change The Way You Eat Lunch


Hello there. Here is a picture of a device you didn't know that you were missing in your life. What is this device, you ask? Is it a time travel capsule? A new age thermos? A hipster backpack? Maybe it's all three in one. It's the GreenTraveler, and it's here to change your life. You think I might be joking, but food is basically your life, right? Chew on that for a bit.

This is me, a 20-something millennial putting the Green Traveler to good use and going on a hike. As people who put that we "like to hike" in our online dating profiles, we all know that most people mean hiking as a casual walk along some slightly-less-incorporated-than-usual grass. And this is just one of the many places that you can take your GreenTraveler with you. But this is where I took mine, and I'm glad I took it along for the ride.

"Hikes" are better with friends, so I also brought a friend, who also brought a GreenTraveler. Note: GreenTravelers are best paired with perfectly matching socks. 

Alright, by now you're probably wondering - what exactly did bringing the GreenTraveler along add to our experience? First of all, it was a handy way to store water. See those two black caps on either side? Those are both airtight caps where you can store any beverage of your choosing. And on a moderately more vigorous than normal walk, you're going to want to tote some water along with you. The GreenTraveler's got you covered.

Once you get a chance to take a breather on your escapade through nature, you can bust open the rest of the GreenTraveler. I chose to stock mine with some trail mix because we were going along a trail, but you can load yours with any of your favorite foods. 

Sick of going to work and spending all the money that you make at work on food? The GreenTraveler can carry up to one pound of food for you to tote to your job. There's two of these nifty green compartments, so you can bring along your pasta and your salad, and not have to worry about mixing them all up together.

Listen to this inspirational bench. Today's the day you start meal prepping. Getting healthy. Going on vigorous walks. Getting your life together. And the GreenTraveler can help you with that - all you have to do is pack it with food and bring it along. 

Hey, we can't guarantee you're not going to pack it with Hot Cheetos and Twizzlers, but you do you. It would actually transport those very well, if you do select them as your dietary choice. Either way, the GreenTraveler's going to get them there, and allow you to throw out all your nasty tupperware.

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