These National Park Posters Are Super Cool And For A Super Cool Cause


With all that we are bombarded with these days, and at the rate with which we are constantly responding to outside stimuli (aka, the internet), it's real easy to forget what this country has to offer us in terms of majesty and grandeur. Our national parks are part of what makes America special, and yet it seems at times we completely overlook them or, worse, completely forget about them. Which is a shame, because how can we forget something as amazing as this?

Yes, the above is Yellowstone National Park. This exists. In America. Yet how can something so awe-inspiring be so easily dismissed? 

Well, one man and — and one project — is aiming to change all that.

The National Park Poster Project sprung from the mind and talent of photographer and graphic artist Rob Decker, who at the age of 19 studied under the tutelage of our national treasure, Mr. Ansel Adams. After photographing our national parks for more than 40 years, Decker has created these limited edition posters to increase the awareness for the need to protect these parks and preserve some of the world's most amazing landscapes. 

The posters are created in the style of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), when the Federal Government — in the 1930s and 1940s — commissioned hundreds of artists to create thousands of poster designs for public exhibits, community activities, theatrical productions, health, safety and educational programs, nature and travel. By the end of the WPA era, 26 national parks had been established and 14 parks had posters created for them.

Each poster is numbered, signed, dated, and printed on “Conservation,” a 100% recycled stock with soy-based inks using the greenest printing standards. 

Says Decker himself about the project, “My hope is that by creating these iconic images, I can help to generate awareness — not only of the grandeur of these amazing places — but also for the need of continued protection and operation of the parks, so that everyone — now and in the future — will have a chance to enjoy the often-fascinating and always awe-inspiring majesty of our national parks." The photographer/artist even donates 10% of the annual profit of the posters to organizations that support our national parks. 

We thought these posters were so cool, we even hung a few around our office:


You can find these amazing posters and more by going to the project's website here. 

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