These HILARIOUS Socks Will Guarantee You Win The Circle Game Every Time


The circle game has been around for decades. (Remember when Malcom in the Middle aired an episode in November 2000 where the characters played the circle game, and the new phenomenon was delivered to millions of viewers? Good times.)

You might remember playing it in school and punching your classmates. If you're a nerd and don't actually know what it is, here, we'll tell you. If you do know, skip down to the circle game socks. Β Cause the socks are the best part.

The premise is simple. You put your hand in this circle formation...

You're the offensive player now. To win, you have to get the defensive player to notice your hand. If you trick your victim into it, you're legally allowed to punch them.

That is unless they can stick their finger in your hand quick enough.Β 

That's it. That's LITERALLY the entire game and it's the foundation of my childhood. Probably yours too.Β 

Come on! Everyone know this game. Doubt us? Then...check this out:

Yeah, Β even Jennifer Lawrence gets it.

And because the internet, now people are hiding Β the circle symbols everywhere to try to win the game. Like so:

Did you look? You totally looked, didn't you?

So, what can you do? How do you bring the circle game to your own turf, so that you can achieve your ultimate goal of punching your friends?

This is how:

With these awesome circle game prank socks that you can get HERE.

We may not be reinventing the wheel, but we're reinventing the sock.

This is how great these socks are...

When you have the circle symbol all over your socks, you're pretty much going to be the guaranteed winner of this game at all time. You're going to be the circle game champion. And you're going to be able to scream GOTCHA! all the time.

Imagine it now. You're with Bob and John. You're sitting around, all on your phones. A super exciting day, right? WRONG. Not until the moment that you slowly lift up your pant leg. You wait for them to stop playing Fortnite mobile long enough for them to notice...

And then you get to punch Bob and John for being so boring. Can you think of anything better? No. Because now you've got circle game prank socks.

And you win the day.

They are super comfy and super durable. You can get them in a bunch of cool colors. You can wear one for each day of the week, and always be the circle sock prank guy. Why wear regular socks that don't give you any superpowers (aka, punching anyone, anytime) Β when you could wear these socks and be the master of your own destiny?

The circle game. Everyone's doing it. Now you're just doing it better.

So remember: Life's too short for boring socks. And to not be allowed to punch your friends.

Get yours HERE.

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