The Real Reason Russian Women Shouldn't Get Tramp Stamps

Lawmakers in Russia are on yet another pointless mission: discouraging women from getting lower back tattoos. And while this might be a giant waste of time, part of me actually doesn't hate the idea. Though most of me does "” more on that later. 

It's being reported that Russia's parliament is currently discussing a new bill which would make it mandatory for tattoo parlors to warn female clients about the potential dangers of body art "” especially of the lower back persuasion. 

Your basic tramp stamp,

Apparently, because the lower back is where doctors insert epidural needles during childbirth, there is a chance of spreading infection if the syringe has to pass through tattoo ink. At least that's what lawmakers are claiming to be worried about. 

Of course, Russia has an abysmal record of any real regard for public health. Couple that with the fact that there haven't really been many (or any) cases of tattoo-related epidural complications, and it's unlikely that it's the actual concern. 

What IS likely? Russia's conservative, patriarchal government is just trying to exert greater control over the population in an effort to keep it conservative and patriarchal. It's pretty simple: Tattoos on women are considered immodest and rebellious, which isn't how Russia wants its women. So why not scare them away from getting any? 

If you recall, Russian parliament also tried to ban "” yes, legally BAN "” high-heeled shoes earlier this year. And that was allegedly for podiatric health reasons . . . but come on!

The obvious logic behind the various proposed laws to regulate women's fashion is sickening. It's nothing more than a chauvinistic power play and foreshadows the eventual implementation of government enforced sharia-type piety regulations. The iron curtain is slowly but surely being drawn once again. 

However, here's why I kind of like Russia's anti-tramp stamp crusade: Internationally, Russian women tend to be stereotyped in a pretty unflattering way. 

In popular culture they are depicted as overtly sexual. They're adult film stars and mail-order brides. 

How the Fox hit 'New Girl' portrays Russian women,  

  In 'Birthday Girl' Nicole Kidman plays a Russian mail-order bride, Miramax Films

Remember Ivana Humpalot? New Line Cinema 

Of course, none of these are accurate representations of the vast majority of Russian women. But, unfortunately, these stereotypes aren't entirely unfounded either. Not only has the multi-million dollar mail-order bride industry painted all Russian females as voluntary love-slaves, but too many Russian ladies simply think the "street walker" look is A-Okay.

So the real warning tattoo parlors should be issuing is this: Do you really want people to take you even less seriously? 

That kind of legislature I could probably get behind "” but only for the sake of keeping a demeaning reputation from being made even worse by Russian chicks who might not realize the actual connotation of tramp stamps. Because, as a Russian gal myself, let me tell you this: it's getting old. 
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