The One Thing It's Not Okay to Say About Kim Kardashian

As you're probably by now aware, Kim Kardashian did a little photo shoot for `Paper' Magazine which landed her and her extravagant booty on the quarterly's winter 2014 cover. Here's a slightly SFW version of the cover in question:

And here's another shot of her using some complex mathematics to calculate the trajectory of champagne bottle thrust in conjunction with booty-inertia:

It's been less than 24 hours since these images hit the Internet but already they've caused an amount of commotion that's as disproportionate to their significance as Kim's waist is to her derriere. I mean"”a spacecraft landed on a comet this morning, but this epic achievement has been completely overshadowed by everyone and their mother weighing in on a couple pics of Kanye's wife. Though in all fairness"”the photos are pretty astonishing. 

Anyway"”one of the many people to lend their two cents on the matter was `Glee' actress Naya Rivera, who left the following comment directly on Kim's Instagram post of her now infamous cover: 


And for doing so, Naya needs to be smacked. For one, it's just kind of a mean thing to do. That butt is all Kim has in this world"”in terms of professional skills anyway. So why not just let her enjoy what, career-wise, is a pretty big moment? 

But more than just being a not nice thing to do, Naya's comment, despite its brevity, is pretty derogatory on a number of levels"”and the fact that it was made by a woman makes it even more disturbing. 

Firstly, Naya's words come across as straight up "slut shaming." They're a blatant expression of Naya passing self-righteous judgment on Kim's personal choice to pose nude. 

Naya Rivera is hardly an ambassador of modesty anyway. But more importantly, Naya should know better than to encourage such detrimental rhetoric. Haven't we learned just how harmful this particular brand of shaming is to women? 

Naya's Instagram profile pic. Just sayin', Instagram

Speaking of shaming, the comment indirectly convey's a bit of body shaming as well. You see, the reason these pictures made such a splash is obviously because of how big Kim's booty is. The cover photo isn't getting all this attention for simply being a naked photo of a beautiful woman. It's not Kim's eyes or hair or legs that has people talking"”it's her freakishly large behind. 

But would Naya have been bothered by the exact same photo of, let's say, the much less curvy Gisele Bunchen or Sienna Miller"”both of whom are also mothers? Probably not. Kim's butt is what makes the cover so jarring so it must also be the reason that it struck a chord with Naya. By degrading the picture, Naya is essentially degrading Kim's body"”and degrading Kim's body is the equivalent of telling women that curves are offensive and should be kept out of sight. 

Lastly, Naya's comment is downright misogynistic"”because yes, you can be a female and a chauvinist at the same time. By playing the motherhood card in her critique of Kim's cover shot, Naya promotes some very antiquated and patriarchal ideas of what a woman's role should be. 

So what if Kim is a mother? Does giving birth automatically make women asexual beings? Does it make her body something to be ashamed of? 

If anything, there's finally a real reason to celebrate Kim's extravagantly wide-set hips"”they just pushed out a baby! For once they served a legitimate purpose, so if there were ever a time for Kim to be proud of her body, this is actually it! But Naya seems to think Mrs. West should get that big butt of hers back in the kitchen, because apparently a woman must choose between her sexuality and motherhood"”and how dare she have both!

Naya's Instagram comment was only one sentence long, but managed to speak volumes. My critique of her statement isn't meant to defend Kim Kardashian per se"”normally I'm completely indifferent towards her. Rather, it is intended to covey my disgust over what can only be interpreted as an unwarranted attack on women in general"”especially one which proves that a mere seven words can be offensive and even damaging to its authors own gender in so many different ways.