This Young Woman Had A Job Interview Cancelled For Asking One Question, And People Are Pissed

It was a common question, but this company decided she shouldn't be hired for asking it.

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The latest installment of the 'Just Jake' series was released on January 5, 2016.

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I love hearing where everybody's Tower was. I get a perverse joy from it.

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'Are You Joking?' is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and cable On Demand, and it arrives on Hulu on October 20th.

Guff Exclusive: Neil Strauss on the Truth About Monogamy and Sex Parties

The game, to me, in my mind, was never about techniques. It was about really understanding what's going on when two people are interacting.

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"I do think we are in the golden age of television."

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This was all about letting a little boy who's battling cancer feel like he's the real Batman. The simplicity and pureness of it was so contagious.

5 Steps to Nailing the Interview: The Art of Climbing (Not Clawing) the Success Ladder

It's not about what you've done (they already know that). It's about why you've done it.

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And then you hear the executioner say, "The Communists asked to be killed."

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I think a lot of girls can look at this and learn many things from this relationship.

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I've been home for a while and I'm so looking forward to getting back to work. I'm going to work this spring. It's my turn again.

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This Mars One 100 contestant is competing for a chance to journey to Mars.

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In a very, hopefully not overly simplistic way, I'd always, always just wanted to work on fun projects with fun people.