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We Talked to Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale and Steve Carell About the Financial Crisis

You try to get a grasp of it and then you hit the press junket and you have no idea what you're talking about.

We Talked to Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel About Their New Movie, Art and Staying Young

I don't understand. About two years ago, I was 35, and suddenly I'm 83.

We Talked to Julia Roberts About Her Latest Thriller and Working With Her Hubby

A lot of effort goes into making movies. Bring a little kindness back.

Joshua Jackson Opens Up About His Thrilling 'Affair' on Showtime

Once you have a chance to go into the internal life of the character, you'll see how they're seeing themselves.

Kathy Bates Talks 'American Horror Story' and Her Obsession With Stephen King

I love being the villains.

Guff Interview: Dana Nachman, Patricia Wilson and Mike Jutan of 'Batkid Begins'

This was all about letting a little boy who's battling cancer feel like he's the real Batman. The simplicity and pureness of it was so contagious.

Guff Interview: Trevor Noah on 'The Daily Show'

I don't know how happy I was until Trump joined. Then when he came in I was like, 'Oh wow, okay, this is fun. This is really fun.'

Guff Interview: Greg Grunberg and Masi Oka on 'Heroes Reborn'

This stuff is like 'Heroes' on steroids.

Guff Exclusive: Eli Roth on 'The Green Inferno' and 'Knock Knock'

In the jungle, I really looked at a lot of rituals of how tribes treated invaders and what terrible things were reserved for them.

Guff Interview: Constance Wu on Fresh Off the Boat and High Fives

My character has an accent based on her life story which is that she's an immigrant. It's not a party trick.

Guff Interview: Alison Brie, Jason Sudeikis and Leslye Headland Talk Dirty

It's actually something you've never seen in an R-rated film.

Guff Interview: Neil Patrick Harris on Best Time Ever

I think I'm able to do different things all in an hour and it doesn't seem unfocused.

Guff Interview: Michael Sheen on "Masters of Sex"

I plunge into my neuroses. That is exactly what this character is all about.

Guff Interview: Stephen Colbert on The Late Show and Retiring His Character

As much as I'm a satirist, I'm not ironically detached from anything I talk about or anybody I talk to.

Guff Interview: Taraji P. Henson on Cookie and Empire's Second Season

She's not safe. You don't know what's going to come flying out of her mouth.