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This Is What The World Would Look Like If All The Ice Melted

A very real possibility.

Something Major Is About To Happen In Antarctica, And Its Effects Will Be Disastrous

Glaciers are breaking off and sinking at a faster pace in the north. Unfortunately, everything is bigger, and more dangerous for us, in Antarctica.

Reindeer Are Literally Shrinking, And This Is The Sad Reason

In the past 16 years, reindeer have shrunk by 12 percent. If this keeps happening, Santa's going to need a smaller sleigh.

These Pictures Prove That Climate Change Is Real, And It's Happening Faster Than Scientists Expected

Climate change has already had a vast effect on the planet we call home. Now scientists are saying it's happening even faster than they expected.

Something Straight Out Of A Horror Movie Was Hidden Under These Glaciers, And Now The Ice Is Melting

The Italian city of Peio seems like a normal ski town, but what lies beneath the snow is bone-chilling. Read about what lies underneath the glaciers.

Are We Headed Into Another Ice Age? These Scientists Think So

A lack of sunspots could lead the Earth into a prolonged period of absolute cold.

Pink Snow Is Falling Around The World, And It's Terrible News For The Environment

Pink snow: Another reminder that just because something seems good on the outside, it doesn't mean it's good on the inside.

Did Climate Change Just Open A 'Gateway To The Underworld' In Siberia?

And if it's not the gateway to the underworld, what is this mysterious pit in the ground?

Is Technology Ruining Our Society?

Communication nowadays has turned into a one-sided, self-serving tool.

End of Days: The Apocalypse List

Just how doomed are we?

Why It's Been a Concerning Week For American Politics and Human Rights

The best of the worst in politics this week, and one saving grace.

This Sandstorm in the Middle East Will Hit Us Harder Than We Think

Global warming could be causing more sandstorms, and spreading diseases around the world.

Here's What Happened This Week, and How It's All Connected

Coincidence? I think not.