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Watch The Greatest (Worst?) Fails So Far Of 2017

And we still have four more months to go!

Watch As 'Adam Ruins Everything' Shatters The Myth Of The Alpha Male

Sorry, brahs.

This Guy Pranks Tourists Who Think He Won Gold At The Rio Olympics

Why try for the gold when you can just fake it?

Just A Guy Biking With Two Sheep Chillin' On His Back, No Biggie

This definitely qualifies for the HOV lane.

Jimmy Fallon Destroys Tennis Star Stan Wawrinka At Wii Tennis

Watch Jimmy Fallon teach Stan Wawrinka the true meaning of "love."

Japanese Baseball Player Cannot Contain the Dancer Within

His dance moves cover all the bases.

Little Boy in Tears, Not Ready for Hillary as President

Zeke may just be the competition Hillary Clinton needs this election.