SXSW Review: Spy

Spy is the James Bond movie I've been waiting for my whole life. I mean, James Bond is great but even the silliest ones take themselves too seriously. Spy doesn't have to follow those rules. Spy has the greatest action but every time it does something awesome, they make fun of it.

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is a CIA analyst sitting in headquarters feeding the suave hero (Jude Law) intel, like Chloe on 24. When something goes wrong on his mission, Cooper has to go undercover to stop the villain (Rose Byrne) from detonating a nuclear bomb. 

Director Paul Feig can really direct action. The fight scenes are awesome, and because it's rated R, it can be a lot more violent than the usual action movie. If action doesn't have to be PG-13, it's hilariously graphic. When you kill a bad guy, you can make a joke about how gross their death was. It's a badass spy movie with more poop jokes. 

The tone is almost The Naked Gun, but it's too dedicated to the legitimate spy genre to be a spoof. Cooper gets genuinely awesome gadgets in the most mundane items. As a rival agent trying to save the day himself, Jason Statham says the most ridiculous things in the same tone of voice as his tough guy characters. The animated title sequence and theme song is actually the best 007 opening sequence since A View to a Kill

Statham is so funny, it would have been nice to see even more of him, but the story keeps him and McCarthy on separate missions, only bumping into each other at certain moments. McCarthy can do action too. She's right up there with Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton as action heroines. I would love to see Spy become a long-running series like the real James Bond movies so we can see Susan Cooper on more adventures, making us laugh while she saves the world. 
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