"Sexy" Mug Shot Guy, Jeremy Meeks, Makes Ladies Swoon

In the last two days, tens of thousands of people have liked, shared, commented on and drooled over the mug shot of criminal, Jeremy Meeks. The Stockton (CA) Police Department posted it"”as they do with all mug shots"”to their Facebook page on Wednesday.

I guess this means we should take a moment to congratulate ourselves, as a society, on officially reaching a new level of collective shallowness. Close to 20 thousand people have thus far commented on this stud's mug shot, and the majority of posts read along the lines of: "he's so hot," "I wanna be in his cell," "GOOD LORD. The best looking guy in the world," and, my personal favorite, " (the) tear may mean he killed someone but he killed the camera on that day."

Granted, I'm just as much a part of the problem. Jeremy is a good-looking guy. Exceptionally good-looking. Good looking enough to where I feel the attention he's getting for being so jarringly handsome is sort of justified. Which brings me to my second point: I'm pretty sure the popularity of a mug shot belonging to a man who's possibly killed someone in the past and is currently under arrest on felony weapon charges"”but just so happens to have baby-blue eyes and a strong jawline"”is going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back for all the self-proclaimed "nice guys" out there.

Seriously, chronically friend-zoned dudes"”or nice guys, as they refer to themselves"”ranting about the injustice of all the attention Jeremy's gotten"”account for a good percent of posts to the comment section. Just about every stock "nice guy-ism" is in the feed"”"women wonder where all the good guys are, meanwhile they're lusting over some criminal and wondering why they get treated bad. It's because you lust after the wrong guys," "women would excuse anything to a man that's drop dead gorgeous. Lesson for my later self: always surround myself with women, that way I can always benefit from these idiots in times of crisis," "anyone want verification of how many chaotic female head cases there are in the world, just read the above comments as they fawn over a sociopath," and "I don't think I've ever met such a small minded bunch of broads," among many others.

Small minded as it may be to melt over a handsome face, there's nothing more annoying than the self-righteous whining of sexually frustrated, bitter "nice guys." I feel like they're secretly really excited about this bit of news, because it gives the opportunity to complain about how stupid all women are with the safety net of objective morality to protect against any backlash or ridicule.

Try pointing out that they're just angry because, while they spend months following a girl around like a patient puppy dog with no payoff, some guy who may or may not be a murderer could make her clothes fall off without so much as a glance. They'll smugly counterpoint, "Yeah, I'm soooo jealous of a guy that just got arrested on felony charges." And they'll feel good about that small victory all day long. "Nice guys"...ugh.

But one of the forum's more levelheaded had a pretty solid theory. Women aren't attracted to Jeremy because they're stupid or shallow, or because he's dangerous, or even because he's attractive. They're attracted to him because men today just suck so much!

Dennis Latham: "I'm an old guy but it just proved my point that today women have to pick from such a depleted gene pool that they will accept anything. This guy has pointed ears like a fruit bat, lips like a freezer magnet, flared nostrils, facing time as a felon, and so many tats he would be unemployable in almost every situation. But compared to what most women have to pick from, I guess some women would think he's top of the line. What a screwed up world."

Well put, Dennis Latham! Thanks for bringing clarity to such a polarizing situation. We need to stop fawning over Jeremy"”not because he's got a lengthy criminal record, but because of his hideous fruit-bat ears! So move along ladies, Dennis says there's nothing to see here.