Our Office Desks Were THE WORST...So We Did Something About It


A really good desk can be heavenly. And a really bad one can be like, well, hell.

Living in our offices with our old desk furniture every day was really starting to wear on us.

We won't tell you where our old office furniture was from. But it was a big store. Really big. You could get lost inside of it while you eat your way through a tub of meatballs.

Anyway...those desks were really not cutting it. 

We're always complaining about our poor, aching backs. It's because we're sitting at desks assembled in thirteen seconds flat with absolutely NO ergonomic support.

Our backs hurt just thinking about it. We needed Autonomous to come to our rescue.

Cue the SmartDesk2 - business edition. How can a desk be smart? Well, let us tell you.

You will notice one of our team members is now standing. And you can't see his face, but let us assure you: he's smiling a big smile.

You might think it's weird to smile a big smile during work at your computer screen. But if you've ever had back pain and then had it cured, you'll understand this feeling in the very depths of your soul.

He's using the 53x29" classic bamboo white business edition desk. Each desk comes with a seven-year warranty and a 30-day trial. if you don't love it (you will) you get to return it.

Now for some stats...

Working an office job and sitting down is actually, according to scientific research, is literally accelerating the death in our bodies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that one million workers (that's one in five) suffer from back pain each year.

How to end the cycle? Standing desk.

Again, big smiling face.

This super smart desk comes with an interface. SmartDesk, remember. You get four customer height settings so you can transition between sitting, standing, or anywhere in between. 

This bamboo surface business edition SmartDesk 2 takes about fifteen minutes to assemble, and measures 53"L x 29"W x 1"H. That's a lot of good solid space for you to work with. The mechanism is capable of lifting up to 300 pounds, so chances are that even if you sit on it, it will still go up and down. 

Above, you're looking at the 70.5" x 30" XL classic walnut black business edition desk. See all that room we have? We couldn't even take up the entirety of this desk if we wanted to.

When you're standing, you're proven to be more energetic. We know it works for us. Standing up all of a sudden to work instead of slumping in our chairs is as good as a cup of coffee.

When everyone in the office has that energy, more gets done. More gets done, we're happier. Our desks are making us happier. Autonomous, you've done it. 

Also, when the desk is adjusting up and down, it's whisper quiet. So we don't have to yell over each other whenever we decide it's time to be stand. One second we're sitting, the next second we're standing. Like this:

And then...

All with basically no noise.

This standing desk also is built with steel frames. So no matter how frustrated you may get, and how much you want to kick your desk because your HTML code is just not working, it can take it.

Here you see the black business edition SmartDesk 2. You can customize it as you wish. You can choose a black top, black frame, white frame, grey frame - whichever goes best with the vibe of your office.

Wanna see how it moves in real time? Check. This. Video. Out.

We also crunched the numbers, and these kinds of desks can usually run you thousands of dollars. Yeah. Three zeros on there. The SmartDesk 2, though, is the most budget-friendly and high quality one that we could find in our number crunching.

The guys over at Autonomous didn't stop at just these desks. We also got our hands on a standing mat.

Well, we actually got our feet on it, actually. 

This is called an anti-fatigue mat, which seems too good to be true. You mean you're telling us that we could be standing on a mat and not be tired all the time?


It's specifically designed to support your lumbar and your pelvic area. And yes. It really does help keep us energized throughout the day.

Office furniture that can bring you energy. Why weren't we using this before? No meatball could match up to that.

Also, after thirty days, if you don't like it, you can return it. So you can literally move your desk up and down for thirty days and if you SOMEHOW aren't absolutely enthralled by that, there's no risk to you.

All that's left to do is sit back, relax, stand, and ponder your newfound love of desks.

Find out more here about why you'll fall in love...with a desk.

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