Ohio's Serial Pooper Finally Caught in the Act

Residents of Akron, Ohio can rest assured knowing that the police now have a photo of the man known as the "Bowel Movement Bandit." 

For three years, the Bandit has been relentlessly torturing the unfortunate residents of Akron by pooping on their cars and on children's toys. As of press time, the police stated that 19 people have reported finding steaming dumps on their cars, but that they expect there are more victims out there. 

Residents were understandably starting to feel hopeless after spending years not knowing who the serial pooper was. Thanks to one resident, they are one step closer to solving this stinky case. 

In an interview with NBC News, one resident said he installed a "time-lapse camera" outside of his home in hopes of one day catching the pooper in action. One day, he looked through the 2,000 photos from the night before, and he found one that nearly made him poop himself: a photo of the Bowel Movement Bandit with his pants down. 

While no one has identified the man yet, the police are taking this investigation seriously and hope to rid the streets of this man's scent once and for all. 
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