NBA Stars Read Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel

The best Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment is back, and this time it's bigger than ever (seriously, these NBA pros are enormous). In this edition of "Mean Tweets," Jimmy had NBA stars like Paul George and Kris Humphries read tweets about themselves so the rest of us could laugh. It's wonderful!

Luckily, the stars all had a good sense of humor about the tweets, some laughing and others joking right back at the camera. I'm sure these guys are no strangers to criticism and name-calling, but still, like the background music says, "Everybody hurts sometimes." Most of these mean-spirited Twitter statements aren't worth anyone's time, but a couple stood out to me "“ mainly the Dikembe Mutombo and Chris Paul tweets. 

The tweet about Mutombo read: "If anything ever happens to the guy that does the voice for Cookie Monster...I can sleep at night knowing we have Dikembe Muntumbo as backup." Despite the grammatical and spelling errors, this tweet was actually pretty funny "“ Dikembe would make a great Cookie Monster. Think of all the opportunities he'd have to show off his famous finger wag! 

Chris Paul's tweet was less impressive, but I do applaud the Iron Sheik reference. If you don't follow @the_ironsheik on Twitter, stop what you are doing and follow him now. He's extremely offensive and absolutely hilarious. Anyway, Sheiky loves to poke fun at celebrities like Justin Bieber, often using the phrase "rice krispy d***" to insult them. So, the guy who tried to offend Chris Paul totally ripped that reference off from Iron Sheik and is unoriginal. Nice try, dude; we caught you. 

Well, enjoy this video on cyber-bullying. If your tweets were featured in this video, I suggest you go into hiding for a while "“ these massive dudes could definitely destroy you. 

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