Man Burns Face While Praying Over Fajitas, Thankfully Can't Sue

Some say prayer saves your soul from entering the fiery pits of hell, but for one unfortunate New Jersey man, prayer ended up nearly burning his face off.

Hiram Jimenez went to his local Applebee's for what he thought would be a pleasant, albeit mediocre, dinner. Perhaps he was craving a couple fruity drinks or some reheated mozzarella sticks. Or, maybe he was simply just too tired to cook that night. Whatever his reasoning, Jimenez definitely didn't expect to be going to the hospital or filing a lawsuit after his meal. 

Being the religiously devout man that he is, Jimenez leaned over his plate of freshly prepared and smoking hot fajitas to say a quick prayer. Apparently Jimenez didn't realize that lowering your face right above a platter of meats and veggies that were just pulled off the grill was a terrible idea and was no one's fault but his own, because he later tried to sue Applebee's for his newly mangled face. 

Jimenez told lawyers that after he bowed his head in prayer he heard "a loud sizzling noise, followed by a `pop noise' and then felt a burning sensation in his left eye and on his face." I can only assume this isn't what he meant when he asked for his meat to be prepared medium-rare. 

While nearly scorching off your face would be enough for most people to realize that their actions were incredibly stupid, Jimenez just couldn't live with that kind of shame. No, Jimenez knew deep down that the fault fully lay on the waitress who didn't warn him that his plate of crackling, steaming food was dangerously hot and that he should make sure to move it aside before he bows his head in prayer. 

Court documents reveal Jimenez believed he endured "serious and permanent" injuries "solely as a result of negligence when he came in contact with a dangerous and hazardous condition, specifically, `a plate of hot food.'"

Thankfully the appellate court had the common sense not to indulge Jimenez's bizarre blame game, and bluntly retorted that it wasn't the waitress' responsibility to caution him "against a danger that is open and obvious," which is the nicest way of saying, "nice try, dumbass," ever. 

This meal may have not ended well for Jimenez, but I think we can all benefit by learning from his stupidity. The next time you feel the need to give thanks before devouring a plate of food that could realistically feed five people, watch your head "” or at least make sure you have a really good insurance plan. 
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