Lonely Air Traveler Channels Celine Dion in LAS Terminal

This is Richard Dunn. Believe it or not, Richard isn't a professional comedian, actor, director or video editor. He's a lighting designer from Georgia, who suffered the misfortune of having to wait seven hours for a connecting flight at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. Moreover, the lengthy layover was also an overnight one, so all terminal bars, restaurants and shops were closed--leaving Richard with nothing to do...or even a soul to talk to! 

Maybe Richard is just a very funny, creative guy. Or maybe the hours of solitude caused a bout of temporary insanity. Either way, he decided to stave off boredom by making a music video in which he lip-syncs Celine Dion's hit 'All By Myself,' while walking through a deserted terminal. And it's hilarious! Plus, the video's production value is surprisingly impressive. Richard even jimmy-rigged some tripods to get a variety of different shots, as opposed to just using the hand held selfie angle. 

Hats off to Richard, who totally won at turning lemons into lemonade. Overnight layovers are, on a scale of first-world problems, pretty much one of the worst things ever, but this guy actually makes them look kind of fun!
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