'Lazer Team' Is the Action Movie We've Been Waiting All Year For


Lazer Team is the best Fantastic Four movie of the year. Where the big comic book movie failed, this low-fi comedy actually has teamwork, cool action and it's fun.

When the king Antareans warn us of an impending alien attack, Earth trains Adam (Alan Ritchson) his entire life to be our defender. The Antareans send down a power suit Adam is supposed to wear to fight the Worg, but the suit doesn't make it to Adam. Instead, inept cop Hagan (Burnie Burns), cocky jock Zach (Michael Jones), stoner Woody (Gavin Free) and has-been athlete Herman (Colton Dunn) get the suit in four parts, and they're literallystuck on them. So Adam has only a few days to train these losers to be the Lazer Team.

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Burns, Jones, Free, and Dunn Rooster Teeth Productions

The Rooster Teeth team has no problem expanding from Red Vs. Blue to a full length feature. The story does everything it's supposed to: establish the characters, build them up through training montages, and escalate the threat. Everything looks right. The military and football scenes in particular look legit. Director Matt Hullum and cinematographer Philip Roy use really elegant camera moves to make it look epic, except for a few shots that are intentionally shaky. The visual effects are supposed to be a tad cheesy, but they're plentiful as they blast aliens, run with super boots and go invisible with stealth.

Lazer Team is really stupid, intentionally so. These four guys suck, hilariously, and even as they learn to work together, their stoner/millennial/coward natures make them a fun alternative to the badass heroes of real sci-fi movies. There are some clever digs at Independence Day and Marvel in there, and some elaborate set pieces that blow up a lot of houses and cars in the name of comedy.

They manage to get some real heart in there too, especially with a father/daughter story between Hagan and his daughter Mindy (Alexandria DeBerry). The four members of Lazer Team don't get along for some real reasons and the film allows them to have their moments too. Adam has some understandable animosity towards the Lazer Team stealing his suit as well, so he gets to have real character growth.

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Things get weird, fast.Rooster Teeth Productions

It does take a good 20 minutes or so to really get going though. A lot of the early jokes really don't land, and even go so far as to explain the joke to the audience (the difference between a drunk tank and dunk tank is explicit). When Zach gets tazed and falls in the pool, I thought it would be funny if the whole pool ended up zapped, but that's not the joke.

It really picks up once the Lazer Team starts training. That gives them the best opportunity for visual effects enhanced pratfalls, and spoofing sci-fi movies. It's a lot funnier than most Hollywood comedies, and it's set up for a sequel, so Lazer Team 2 can pick up right at the funniest parts.

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