It's Now Easier Than Ever to Put Your Family Name On a Neon Sign


What's the one thing in the entire world that you'll always have, no matter what?

Okay, different people might answer that different ways. But what's true for everyone is: your name. 

You'll always have your family name.

And now, you can show off just how cool that name can be!

Here's how:

You can now immortalize your name in a custom neon decorative sign.

And you can get it HERE.

Limited time offer: Use promo code "STAYHOME" to save 10% on your order!

Before, you needed to literally hire a glass blower and then a neon specialist to make a sign like this. Who's got the time and the cash for that?

Well, maybe people with big mansions know a glass blower guy and a neon specialist guy, but for the rest of us, you can now customize your own sign for fractions of what those mansion dwellers are paying.

Here's how it works. You can literally brand you sign with whatever and however you want it. Some of your options?

The Smith Family

Smith Home

Smith Residence

Chateau de Smith

Smith Crib

Casa de Smith

Obviously, replace Smith with whatever your name is. (Unless your name literally is Smith.)

The quality is amazing and the look is that of actual neon lights, without the neon light cost! Why?


Regular neon lights come with huge attachments and plug-ins just to keep them alive. These signs are made with LEDs that don't need all that, because they're so much more sustainable. Other neon lights are limited in customizability, too, because you need a really, really skilled neon artist to be able to make something look this good. Basically, you're getting all the stuff that's good about neon signs, without any of the bad stuff.

Other neon lights don't usually come with a warranty. Why? You know when you've seen a neon light, and it's been flickering, with letters gone out? Yeah, it's because stuff usually goes wrong with neon lights. These new customizable lights do indeed come with a warranty, even though LED lights have a million to one better reputation than neon lights.

Choose from nine different colors and as many different fonts as you could possibly think of. It's time to rep your family name in the dopest way you can. Yeah, you're officially the cool house now.

Get yours HERE.

Limited time offer: Use promo code "STAYHOME" to save 10% on your order!

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