Is 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' Racist? Why Political Correctness Has Become Offensive

There's nothing cool about racism or chauvinism "” and it's lovely that our society has collectively taken all sorts of measures to eradicate prejudice and discrimination. 

But even though political correctness is rooted in good intentions, over time the concept has been taken entirely too far. The irony is this: Excessive sensitivity to race and gender is no longer merely comical "” PC culture has now officially become . . . pretty offensive. 

For me, the fine line between unnecessary and insulting was crossed this morning. Reports surfaced that numerous childcare centers and kindergartens in Melbourne, Australia are now changing the lyrics to `Baa Baa Black Sheep' because the nursery rhyme is allegedly "racist." Get it? Because the sheep is black. 

Well, I don't get it. Neither do the parents of attendees.  One said it best in a quote to The Herald Sun, "I am a person who has black skin. Can we please stop with the political correctness; it's becoming a joke. The song is called baa baa black sheep. No need to change it!"


But taking the world "black" out of a song about a sheep is more than a joke "” it's rude. It'd be one thing if the nursery rhyme somehow vilified the sheep for being black or even painted a sheep that happened to be black in a negative light for other reasons. It does no such thing, neither explicitly nor implicitly. Like, not even a little! 

In this case, the sheep happens to be black for nothing more than the purpose of alliteration. The word's removal however sends a really messed up message of "black" somehow being a negative term. How are the millions of people who refer to themselves as black supposed to feel about their self-identification suddenly deemed inappropriate for children? 

Of course, those in favor of ruining the classic kids song argue that they're merely trying to introduce kids to a "variety of sheep," and those who still want to sing the word "black" are free to do so. 

Right "” because that's not going to confuse the hell out of 3-5 year-olds. Going by that logic, why not do away with the word `sheep' also? After all, there are thousands of other animals in the world, yet this bigoted nursery rhyme tells youngsters that only a sheep can be the protagonist . . . of a song called `Baa Baa Black Sheep.' They'll surely grow up with a prejudice against all other species! In fact, why not just do away with song lyrics altogether so children don't feel stifled by the lack of "variety?" I mean, why should kids feel forced to sing the word `the' when there are articles in the English language such `a' and `an?' 

Oh, and let's just not call anything `black' anymore to be on the safe side. 

Look away! 

But wait "” this 'Sheep-Gate' only get's more ridiculous. One of the Melbourne area daycares is also trying to change another line in the rhyme. This one:  `one for the little boy who lives down the lane' "” because it might sound "sexist." No explanation was given for that bright idea and, honestly, it's really hard to even speculate how anyone could possibly extract any sort of gender-bias from that phrase. Is it because it excludes little girls from living down the lane? Does it imply that women aren't entitled to bags of wool? I'm genuinely confused.

Sadly, this most absurd crusade against gender exclusion in places it doesn't exist is actually reminiscent of another recent case of PC overkill in the U.S. Last week, it was reported that a Nebraska school district has banned the use of all gender-specific language. Meaning that teachers are no longer allowed to refer to students as "boys and girls," "ladies and gentlemen," or "you guys" for fear of offending transgender kids who may not identify as either. Instead, classroom instructors must address their pupils as "purple penguins" because it doesn't make anyone feel left out. I'm guessing the schools forgot about the overwhelming majority of children who presumably don't consider themselves to be purple penguins though. 

Why can't I be a person?

We're now living in a time where political correctness is becoming detrimental. We're dehumanizing and confusing little kids for the sake of a very overthought, adult vision of "inclusivity." We've removed racial slurs from the socially acceptable lexicon, so now we're going to just go after arbitrary colors. 

Essentially, we've gone and made things so convoluted that the new PC rule of thumb might as well be this: Nothing can be anything unless it's also everything.

And worse yet, we're forcing it on a generation of children who are going to grow up with no sense of absolutes, standards, or senses of self. When they grow up to be murderous schizophrenics, we'll only have ourselves to blame. 

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