Drink on the Cheap When You're Broke as a Joke

Throughout my time in college, I drank with wild abandon and rarely had the courage to check my bank account statements the next morning. Due to this irresponsible behavior, I found myself in a party-boy world with not much in my savings account by the time I graduated. Almost six months out since graduation, I've picked up a few post-grad tips for drinking on the cheap so you can party like a rockstar but save like an extreme-couponer. 

Carry Cash When Going Out

Depending on where you live, this could get you anywhere from 2 to 12 drinks. Most cheap bars are cash only yet also tend to serve the strongest drinks. If you make sure to take out a $20 before you leave the house, you won't find yourself unknowingly swiping your card and spending more than you'd like. When you use your credit card and you're four shots in, another four rounds may not seem so bad, but when you use cash you'll have a fixed amount of money you can spend and a fixed amount you can drink. 

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Utilize Those Smart Phone Apps

They basically make an app for everything these days, so why not take advantage of those that will help you get drunk in style. Use Groupon to find crazy good deals at bars and Yelp to find out which bars in your neighborhood are the cheapest. There are plenty of other awesome applications to help you drink responsibly as well. You can keep track of how many beers you've had with BeerCounter and BarHopper is an app that will help you calculate your blood-alcohol level and includes a button to help you call a cab if you're not good to drive. 

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Ask The Locals About Their Favorite Watering Holes

When I was in college my favorite bar smelled like a foot and was practically a basement, but it did have a Jukebox, free pizza, and ladies night. They also had a "dress like a lady" night where guys who decided to come dressed as a babe would get their drinks for free. Even if you've lived in an area for years, ask other locals where they party, and chances are they have a slew of suggestions that will be fun as well as cheap. 

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Research Happy Hour Deals

Sometimes the most unexpected restaurants have the best Happy Hour deals, so do your research. Websites like Thrillist list the best places to get the best cocktail at a discount, so utilize them. If you get a start on your night with Happy Hour you can get nice and buzzed and still get to bed at a normal time-- all while saving yourself money! Happy Hours were the greatest invention since electricity because drinks are usually BOGO (buy one get one haaaay) and appetizers are half off and they definitely help make your coworkers more bearable. 

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Pregame When You Can

If you live in a major metropolitan area, the chances of you having to drive to your destination are slim. If that is the case, indulge in a drink before you get on public transportation. However, never ever drink and drive and never get wasted and try to ride a subway car. My own American Horror Story is trying to ride an express 2 train and stand up while being smushed up against other passengers. However, indulging in one drink before you leave the house (if you're able to!) will help kick off your night and drinks at home are always cheaper than drinks at a bar. 

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Buy Your Post-Drinking Snacks In Advance

Drunk me really likes to make it rain in McDonald's or Taco Bell like I'm about to starve to death. I usually wake up covered in crumbs and guilt to find my bank account about $15 less than I was expecting due to my fast-food shopping spree. By buying snacks to munch on when you're drunk in advanced, you'll be less likely to go out and buy mass amounts of unhealthy fast-food after the bars. 

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