This Grandpa is the Greatest Dancer Ever!

Obviously this is the greatest thing to appear on the internet. Ever. Obviously. This man is absolute perfection. Can somebody please give him his own TV show-- no, his own channel--immediately? Probably not, you say? Okay, then at least tell me who he is, where he lives and if I can call dibs on being his new best friend.

People of the world: Meet Techno Grandpa, your new obsession. With so much awesomeness packed into 1 minute and 21 seconds of video, it's almost here's a breakdown of why you'll be watching this on a daily basis - probably for the rest of your life. 

*You, mere mortal, will never be Techno Grandpa, but you can try. Everyone who lays eyes upon this video will get up and try following along with Techno Grandpa at least once. That's a fact. Look it up. 

* Techno Grandpa's rad collection of doilies and knick-knacks. Every time you watch, you'll discover an awesome figurine you hadn't noticed before. 

* Techno Grandpa has his priorities straight. Notice how he doesn't even glance at the two kids in the room. That's because he couldn't care less if they're watching or setting themselves on fire. Not when there's dancing to be done. 

* That thing he does at the 00:58 second mark. Ladies...contain yourselves. 

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