Chris Christie Dad-Dances On The Tonight Show

Christ Christie went on Fallon last night to show off his trimmed down bod and cut a rug, dad style. You go Governor! 

Seriously, the guy looked great, and totally outshined Fallon during a brilliantly choreographed routine in which the two demonstrated the one thing all dads have in common"”hilarious dance moves!

Christie and Fallon must have rehearsed this bit a good deal beforehand, because the two were impressively in sync while boogying down on The Tonight Show"”and I'm sure the Gov.'s recent 80-some pound weight loss helped him power through two and half minutes of moves such as the "Belt Grabber" and the "Oh Stop it I'm Not Embarrassing You," like a pro.

I like Chris Christie. Probably for all the wrong reasons, because I don't know a great deal about him as a politician other than that he did a pretty thorough job of cleaning up the Jersey shore after Hurricane Sandy, and somehow established the lowest statewide gas prices in the U.S. But why I really like Christie is because he's shamelessly unapologetic and never puts up with nonsense from reporters. He's always had a good sense of humor about himself, which was reaffirmed last night when he good-naturedly let Fallon poke fun at last year's scandal by naming one of the Dad moves the "This Bridge is Closed."

Plus, it turns out that Chris Christie can not only dance, but also do it with a comedic stage presence comparable to that of Chris Farley in the Chippendale's sketch. Let's hope Jimmy Fallon invites the governor back soon. Chris Christie's appearance was the first time `The Tonight Show' actually made me laugh in a long time.
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