California Bill Could END SeaWorld's Killer Whale Shows

A bill has been introduced in California that would legally put an end to all SeaWorld Killer Whale shows, in addition to removing 10 of the orcas from their tanks. 

But that's only if it passes. 

Outrage about the potential animal abuse first started with the release of the controversial documentary, `Blackfish.' 

When questioned about his feelings about the potential passing of the bill, president of SeaWorld San Diego Park, John Reilly said, "That argument is not based on credible peer-reviewed science. It's based on emotion and a propaganda film." 

And you know what...he's right. 

This argument is based on emotion. The emotion I feel when I see poor, defenseless animals abused against their will and taken out of their natural habitat for the sole purpose of entertaining farmer-tanned, dead-eyed, corn-fed, brain-dead tourists who are only there for an Instagram photo op. 

It's disgusting the way they treat these majestic sea creatures. 

I wonder how John Reilly would like it if someone plucked him out of his modest Southern California mansion and threw HIM in a cage "“ only to be released every hour on the hour to perform menial tricks for a crowd of lackadaisical sea life... 

He'd probably want to attack his captors too. 

It's just common decency to pass this bill. The fact they've been allowed to keep performing these cruel shows on a daily basis for years is deplorable. 

Personally, I think this whole thing could've been avoided had `Free Willy' never been made. 

For a look at a trailer for the documentary that launched this argument, check out the video above.
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