Madison Medeiros
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Madison dropped out her Girl Scouts troop in hopes she'd be accepted to Hogwarts. When the letter never arrived, she found solace in the magic of words and has been writing ever since. You can find her singing in her car or scribbling down her thoughts at a local coffee shop, still hopeful an owl will one day appear.

Posts by Madison Medeiros
Hate Loud Chewing Noises? You Might Be a Creative Genius

The study confirms what those of us who hate loud chewing have known for a long time: That we're smarter.

Middle School Athletes Shut Down Bullies Making Fun of Cheerleader with Down Syndrome

Despite being bullied, this girl has a heart of gold.

Ohio's Serial Pooper Finally Caught in the Act

Three years ""and 19 cars "" later, the Bowel Movement Bandit finally has a face.

Man Burns Face While Praying Over Fajitas, Thankfully Can't Sue

Of course this happened in New Jersey.

Why Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Shouldn't be Executed

Tsarnaev is a lot of things, but deserving of the death penalty is not one of them.

What We Know About Jihadi John, the Infamous ISIS Executioner

The transition from shy schoolchild to notorious murderer is fascinating and heartbreaking.

Obama Vetoed GOP Keystone XL Bill, But the Pipeline Battle Isn't Over

What you need to know about the controversial pipeline.

As 'The Breakfast Club' Turns 30, Let's Celebrate Its Impact on Teen Movies

Perhaps the greatest thing 'The Breakfast Club' gave us was the inspiration to fight for better characters and narratives.

White House Report Indicates Men Complain More Than Women

Are you on your period or something?

Bill O'Reilly is Lying About His Past, and We're Letting Him

The more we tolerate dishonesty, the more we'll get it.

Get Out Your Night Lights, 'Cause This Clown Story is Sure to Keep You Up at Night

If you weren't terrified of clowns before, you'll definitely be now.

South Dakota State Representative Says Planned Parenthood is Worse than ISIS

Fear-mongering at its lowest: Isaac Latterell claims Planned Parenthood is more destructive than ISIS.

Everybody Freak Out. A New Dr. Seuss Book to Hit Shelves in July

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, HOLY CRAP A NEW DR. SEUSS BOOK!

You Can Now Choose Who Controls Your Facebook Page When You Die

Because that photo of your lunch will be crucial for your kids to properly remember you.

Azealia Banks: Offensive or Clueless?

"I feel like it's not even that serious." ""Azealia Banks