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Hannah is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor who does not like writing about herself in the third person.

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How Justin Bieber's Journey From Hated to Celebrated Mirrors the "Hero's Journey" From Star Wars

Justin Bieber is no Luke Skywalker, but he's certainly been through the hero's journey of separation, initiation and return.

Toilet Paper, Libraries And Water Fountains: Tampons Join The List Of Basic Necessities In NYC

For hundreds of years, Americans have agreed on some basic necessities for all citizens. Women's hygienic products are finally joining that list.

The Stages Of Panic Before You Move To NYC

So you're moving to New York City. Congratulations! Now what?

Would You Travel To These Super Creepy Places?

We would never travel to these places, would you?

Man Creates Island Of The Dolls To Soothe Ghost Of Drowned Girl, And It's Creepy AF

After he found a drowned girl and her doll, one man lost his mind trying to comfort the unhappy spirit.

Researchers Found That Disney Princesses Have A Lasting Psychological Impact On Both Boys And Girls

Who knew telling girls that they had to fall in love with a prince to survive the wrath of an evil queen/sorcerer/provincial life would be bad?

These Serial Killers Were Never Caught

These terrifying serial killers were never caught or convicted for their heinous crimes.

How Likely Are You To Cheat According To Astrology?

A flirty Gemini or a diva Leo, how likely are you to cheat based on your astrological sign?

A List Of Mass Shootings That Have Taken Place In The Lifetime Of A 25-Year-Old American

In just 25 short years, mass shootings have become terrifyingly commonplace.

Science Says Happy Couples Don't Do These Things

According to science, happy couples do not text, drink too much or have children. Sounds easy enough, right?

Do You See Dead People In These Photos?

These Victorian-era photos are equal parts creepy and touching.

Rich Kids Are Sharing The Things They Thought Were Normal For Everyone

In case you're wondering: No, it is not normal to have a maid, a driver, a chef and a private plane.

Times America's Education System Failed To Teach Us About The Birds And The Bees

From the "mythical" female orgasm to suggesting girls babysit instead of masturbate, the sex education system certainly failed us all.

What Do Your Dreams About Work Really Mean?

From running late to getting stuck in the elevator, these are the bizarre ways our subconscious tries to tell us something about our professional life.

These Are America's Most Haunted Places

From an abandoned cemetery and a creepy prison to the site of a grisly murder, these are not places for the faint of heart.