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Lucas Wesley Snipes is a stand up and improvisational comedian, radio DJ and writer living in Los Angeles. He is also a trained trapeze artist. Seriously.

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The world of politics can often be accidentally silly, but these politicos didn't even try to be serious.

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The holidays are a busy time. Not every movie can portray the traditional celebration.

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Politics is more than just elephants and donkeys. Sometimes cats, dogs, horses, goats and other animals hold office, too.

TV/Movie Characters Who Had Inhuman Alcohol Tolerance

It's not that we wouldn't want to share a drink with these characters. It's just that we're worried we might die if we tried to keep up.

Fictional Holidays We Really Want to Celebrate

Bored celebrating the same old Christmas and Thanksgiving every year? Maybe if these 15 fictional holidays were real that wouldn't be a problem.

Some of the Most Terrible Episodes of Our Classic TV Shows

The great thing about TV: There's hundreds of episodes of your favorite shows. The terrible thing about statistics: This means some are bound to suck.

Classic Video Games in Desperate Need of a Remake

Movies have been doing it for years. It's time for video games to join the trend.

Great Halloween Costumes Worn By TV Characters

We love Halloween for two reasons: candy and dress-up. We can't share candy with TV, so here's some favorite examples of it playing dress-up.

The Show Must Go On: Costumes That Caused a Lot of Pain for Actors Wearing Them

Not all hair and makeup is glamorous "" some of it really hurts. Heck, sometimes it's both.

10 Celebrities Who Turned Down 'The Simpsons'

'The Simpsons' have been on the air 27 years. Yet not everyone said yes when offered a chance to be a guest star. These celebs turned them down.

Marijuana Dispensaries Need to Address These Issues Before Legalization Expands

Most pundits predict [that] marijuana will be completely legal for recreational use in the United States sooner rather than later.

Adults Would Be Overjoyed to Be Locked in These Places Overnight

The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, anyone?

Could These Incredibly Original Ideas Possibly Have Been Stolen?

There's nothing to say that hasn't been said before.