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Fred Topel has been an entertainment journalist since 1999. By 2001 he had interviewed every legend he admired growing up and asked them every question he ever had. He’s spent every year since asking all new questions.

Posts by Fred Topel
Sundance Review: 'Captain Fantastic'

The journey through America is a commentary on all the faults of our excessive, consumerist society.

Sundance Review: 'Equity'

'Equity' is a drama about women in the workplace, in the worst possible workplace.

Sundance Review: 'The Land'

'The Land' is a crime film that is also a love letter to Cleveland culture.

Sundance Review: 'The Fundamentals of Caring'

The closing night film at Sundance lives up to that honor.

Sundance Review: 'Manchester by the Sea'

These characters have full lives that we can infer from the time we spend with them.

Sundance Review: 'Certain Women'

Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams and Laura Dern in three small town stories.

Sundance Film Review: Don Cheadle's Miles Davis Biopic Hits All the Right Notes

'Miles Ahead' is the movie Don Cheadle wanted to make 10 years ago.

Sundance Film Review: 'Southside With You'

When Barack met Michelle it was no Harry met Sally.

Guff Exclusive: Brian Posehn on Anti-Christmas Movies and 'Batman Vs. Superman'

I love that I've been a supporting player for as long as I have, but everybody wants to try to do more.

We Talked to Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale and Steve Carell About the Financial Crisis

You try to get a grasp of it and then you hit the press junket and you have no idea what you're talking about.

We Talked to Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel About Their New Movie, Art and Staying Young

I don't understand. About two years ago, I was 35, and suddenly I'm 83.

We Talked to Julia Roberts About Her Latest Thriller and Working With Her Hubby

A lot of effort goes into making movies. Bring a little kindness back.

Michael Moore's Latest Doc Is His Best Since 'Bowling for Columbine'

Instead of invading aggressive countries, Moore invades friendly ones looking for answers.

Guff Review: Kurt Russell's 'Bone Tomahawk' Is the Bloody, Brutal Western of Your Dreams

The outlaw frontier doesn't play by any rules, so nothing is fool proof.

Colin Hanks Discusses Tower Records and His Lost Job Application

I love hearing where everybody's Tower was. I get a perverse joy from it.