Adam De Gree
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Adam is currently studying philosophy at UCSB and learning on adventures throughout the western US.

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Exploring Japan's Suicide Forest

Today, Japan boasts one of the highest suicide rates in the developed world.

Can You Fall in Love in a Lab Experiment?

The goal of our procedure was to develop a temporary feeling of closeness, not an actual ongoing relationship.

Cuddle Cafes Are Becoming Popular in Japan

Japan's cuddle café, advertised as a "co-sleeping specialty shop," allows customers to sleep with, and only to sleep with, beautiful women.

When Buddhism Is Used as a State Tool

True appreciation of the world's great traditions can only come about when we remember how similar they all are, for better and for worse.

Are Thailand's Full Moon Parties Ruining the Country?

The island's limited resources are strained beyond sustainability with the influx of tens of thousands of tourists for each party.

We Can Blame 60 Words for Our Current "War on Terror"

The entire legal justification for the war on terror rests on 60 words.

The Rise and Fall of Dubstep

Britney Spears was making dubstep, and the genre appeared in everything from movies to Super Bowl advertisements.

What Are Nations, Anyway?

"Nationalism is a potent force in the modern world, one so prevalent that it seems as though it's always been here."

Why MDMA May Be the Ultimate Psychotherapy

Today, clinical studies throughout the United States are testing the safety and efficacy of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.

Does Facebook News Provide Valuable Information or Mindless Entertainment?

88% of the digital generation report acquiring their news from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or another social site.

What's the Point of Traveling?

Is traveling anything more than a collection of pleasant experiences, wrapped in a new package?

This Was Britain's Very Own Schindler During World War II

Sir Nicholas Winton stands as a reminder of the power of humanity.

Can We Think Without Language?

Does language create thought itself?

How Hard Is It to Sail the Globe Alone These Days?

Of all the threats that face solo circumnavigators, one of the greatest may be the human mind.

Why Are Europeans Obsessed With Native Americans of the Old West?

"Indian" hobbyists have become part of the cultural scene over in the Old World.