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Chet is a Los Angeles-based standup/writer/improviser who has performed in over 20 states and nearly a dozen comedy festivals throughout the United States and Canada. You may recognize him from television as the anonymous source close to the situation in most breaking news stories. When not writing or on stage, he spends his time thinking about why he got a Master’s degree and where it all went wrong.

Posts by Chet
Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight Recreated Using Nintendo's 'Punch-Out!!'

Are You Informed? Before the Holocaust, There Was the Armenian Genocide

April 24th, 2015 marks the 100-year-anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

'The Price Is Right' Model Accidentally Reveals Price

One person's fail is another person's win!

These Australian Women Nailed "Bohemian Rhapsody" Lip Sync

Move over, Wayne's World. There's a new master of Queen car performance in town.

Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Sing "We Are the Champions" in Post-Superbowl Special

Carrie Underwood, Meghan Trainor, Sam Smith & more join for an a cappella version of the Queen classic.

Hilarious Viral Video Compilation takes a look at some of the most viral videos to kick off the new year!

Ultimate Girl Fails of 2014

A compilation of the funniest female fails from 2014!

Nutcracker Fails: A Holiday Compilation

The best shots taken to the groin to end 2014 on a laugh!

The Most Comprehensive Faceplant Fails Compilation Video To Date

Think you had a bad day? Think again.

Don Hertzfeldt's "The Simpsons" Elaborate Couch Gag Is Bizarre and Brilliant

The couch gag to end all couch gags!

Ohio State Coach BODY SLAMS Fan Who Runs On Field

What's scarier than being tackled by a football player? A coach in khakis.

Football Player Receives Surprise of a Lifetime On Field

Who says it's not acceptable to cry in football?

Botched Proposal Leaves Ring in Lake, Girlfriend in Tears

There's plenty of fish in the sea... plus an engagement ring.

Reporter Drops F-Bomb, Quits On Live TV

Who knew being a television news anchor and owning the Alaska Cannabis Club would be a conflict of interest?

New 'Star Wars' Video Reveals Millennium Falcon with... the Batmobile?

J.J. Abrams teases the nerd in us all with this majestic teaser.