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I pet cats, exercise and makes jokes. Hopefully one day all at the same time. Also, I am British and prefer an awkward nod over a handshake any day.

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This Alarm Clock Works In Your Underwear, So You'll Never Oversleep Again

And it's making #IHateMondays a thing of the past!

Genius Moms Who Have Their Kids Totally Figured Out

Do not poke the mother bear, kids. You've been warned.

Putting On Makeup Is A Personal Decision, And It's No One's Business How Much You Wear

We're stamping out makeup shaming one brush at a time.

Scientists Discovered An Unexpected Health Benefit Of Riding Roller Coasters

As if we needed any more encouragement to take a trip to Disneyland!

This Ranking Of The World's Diets Proves Processed Foods Are Our Ultimate Downfall

There's a lot we can learn from different cultures and how to eat well is apparently one of them!

NASA Updated The Astrological Dates And People Think That Means Their Zodiac Sign Is Changing

It's modern science versus ancient history.

Facebook's Drastic Changes Through The Years

We freak out every time, but it's (almost) always for the better!

Text Messages That Will Instantly Turn You Into A Giant Ball Of Anxiety

Dot Dot Dot... For the love of God, WHAT?!

Brutally Honest Confessions From The Other Woman In A Relationship

It's hard work being a homewrecker.

According To Science, Millennials Can't Go A Week Without Eating A Burrito. Can You?

Think about that while we run to the nearest taco truck.

These People Chose The Most Inappropriate Moments To Post A Selfie

Sometimes you should just put your darn phone away, OK?

These Might Be The Most Incredible Balloon Animals Ever Made

Screw the old fashioned clown tricks, these are balloon masterpieces!

American Foods That Foreigners Find Utterly Disgusting

Newsflash: Not everything has to taste like dessert.

From The First Day Of School To The Last Day Of School. Oh, How Time Flies!

Our moms say we grow up too fast, then they insist on taking pictures to prove it.

These Late-Night Drive-Thru Worker Confessions Are Juicy AF

People Get Pretty Crazy When They're Hungry.