Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" Is Even Creepier in Pumpkin Form

Halloween is upon us, and there's nothing like celebrating the spooky season with classic horror films. Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho may no longer be the scariest of horror films today, but there's no denying how important the film was to the shaping of the horror genre. Even if you haven't seen Psycho, you are probably aware of the famous shower scene. How could such a monumental scene in cinema be reimagined into something just as impressive as the original? Strangely, with pumpkins. 

The detail that they were able to achieve by carving these pumpkins was absolutely incredible. So, even though you know you're looking at squash canvases, the final effect is actually very chilling and surprisingly realistic. Bravo, pumpkins. You've earned a standing ovation. 
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