A Love Letter to Sweatpants

My Love,
Where do I even begin? You know from the start I've always been able to be myself around you and that whenever I'm with someone else it just doesn't feel right. When others tried to suffocate and confine me, you were always the one to let me breathe. You were always the one to give me my own space.

They warned me....They said with you I couldn't get far in life. They said that if I was ever going to make it I would have to leave you behind. When my mother said we never looked good together and that everyone would stare, you always proved that I never could be happier with anyone else. My friends make fun of us, but they don't know the way you truly make me feel. They say it's just a phase and that I deserve better, but they're just envious of the close bond we share.
No words could describe how it feels to come home to you every night...
Your delicate touch.
Your giving ways.
The way my body feels next to yours.
I know whenever I've had a rough day you're the first one I run towards to make it all better.
You're my safe haven.
My clarity.
My everything.
When I think about the future and all the mysteries that lie ahead, I know that you're the one thing that I can always count on. We can make it together, through any weather.