5 Crazy Ways Social Media is Changing Your Brain

We all know those people who can't seem to tear themselves away from their smartphones. They update their Twitter and Facebook statuses every five minutes and have to check for updates to their social media feeds every two. We all have friends like this and, at one point or another, we've all jokingly referred to them as "social media addicts."

Well, guess what "” it's likely that they really are. Or maybe it's you that suffers from frequent, uncontrollable cravings to post, share, like, and or poke. Either way, according to scientific research, social media addiction is actually a legitimate psychological affliction.

Even more surprising is the fact that some people are so attached to their phones' updating them that the users sometimes experience phantom vibrating sensations in their pockets in anticipation of a new alert.

It's pretty crazy stuff, but this video does a great job of explaining this new brand of 21st century psychosis. Check it out "” especially if you think you might have a problem or share it with the social media junkies in your life.
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