You Absolutely Need This If You're A Dog Person


Here at Guff, we would emphatically call ourselves “dog people." At any given time you could enter our office and expect to be greeted by one of our friendly, four-legged “receptionists” who will escort you in once your reciprocal greeting is to their liking.

As editors, we have discerning tastes and an ever-present urge to toy with the next best thing. We’re sure (actually, quite sure) our pups chase the very same feeling.

So when we receive a box full of stuff to review from time to time, isn’t it only fair our pups get the same treatment?

The good boys and girls at BarkBox think so.

In our newfound, golden age of convenience, we’d agree that BarkBox delivers the total package for you and your pooch.

A few of us have been subscribers to the service (and, in full disclosure, we were sent an extra box to review), but our pets wanted to give the perks of membership a whirl.

We received a delivery of six items (“pawducts”) that were perfectly suited to our pups’ needs (including size/weight and allergies). Each standard BarkBox contains two toys, two treats and a chew, but we opted for the Extra Toy Club for an additional $9 a month (because, hey, treat yo self!).

Each BarkBox collection is curated around a “surprise theme” each month, so it was fortunate we had a Chinese take-out themed toy to help distract our dogs from pursuing our actual Lo mein leftovers.

But they were hardly deprived of edibles, as the Simply Duck Jerky was devoured throughout the day with much gusto. And that was good news, because BarkBox’s BarkShop allows you to re-stock on toys or treats your dog ends up drooling over (or destroying, in which case they’ve also got you covered).

With a variety of membership plans available (starting as low as $21 per month), we’d conclude that this is a pretty sweet deal, especially considering the costs of purchasing singular toys and treats at a store without a guarantee of return if your pup doesn’t enjoy your purchases.

From the most experienced dog people to first-time pup parents, everyone can appreciate the perks of being in the BarkBox pack.

Get started with your BarkBox membership today and get a free month added to your subscription with the purchase of any 6 or 12 month plan (savings of up to $25!)* — to redeem, click here!*

*offer expires on 8/1/17