Why These Educators Should Be Allowed to Produce Slasher Flicks

Just because you've worked hard to make it as a professional educator doesn't mean your job has to define you as an individual. It's all about balance. 

One man who clearly understands the art of keeping one's work and personal life separate is Dr. Mark Foley. At least that's his legal name "” and the one he uses by day when he's busy molding young minds as the principal of Granby Union Middle School in Granby, CT.

But when Dr. Foley is off the clock, he goes by the name `Mark Daniel' and runs a production company called Moongoyle Entertainment. What's its specialty you ask? Making gory and explicit slasher films! 

The 45-year old principal embarked on this movie-making venture back in 2008 alongside his buddy Aaron Thomas Howell who also has a day job. Howell's a guidance counselor at a different middle school in the area where the kids know him as Mr. Aaron Vnuk. 

Over the years, the duo has produced more than half a dozen works of bloody erotica. "Fresh Blood. Hot Babes. Cool Flicks" "” that's the Moongoyle motto! 

Moreover, neither fellow colleagues nor the school board had any idea of Vnuk and Foley's involvement in the world of salacious entertainment thanks to the guys' clever use of pseudonyms. 

Their double lives were a total success until last week. Because when Vnuk and Foley made the mistake of using their real names to officially register their company, the Board of Education finally caught on. Their passion project was exposed and parents were outraged. Now, both men have been placed on administrative leave from their positions until a formal investigation into the matter is complete. 

"If he (Foley) found doing those movies perfectly acceptable, why where [sic] they made under a pseudonym?" demanded one member of the community. 

I realize it was intended to be a rhetorical question . . . but, ma'am, he used a pseudonym because he felt like it. Whether or not he considers his hobby to be what you personally believe as acceptable is irrelevant. Furthermore: Making graphic slasher flicks isn't illegal, he wasn't making them on school property, he wasn't showing them to his students, and what Dr. Foley chooses to do with his free time is none of anyone's business. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't see it that way. For some reason, just because a person works with children, they are expected to conduct themselves in a G-rated manner at all times. 

But teachers, principals, and guidance counselors are no different than anybody else. Just because they chose a rewarding, altruistic career path doesn't automatically make them sexless drones with no vices who go home and read textbooks until they fall asleep fully clothed. 

Educators are people too! Caring about children and being dedicated to your job doesn't mean you can't also have a few dark, freaky fetishes.

In fact, without naming any names, my teacher friends are some of the wildest people I know. They party like rock stars "” and they deserve to because when the bell rings, they're all business. 

So it's too bad that education happens to be a field that, like show business, scrutinizes every little thing in your life if you work under its umbrella. These are the people who dedicate their lives to dealing with that God-awful demographic knows as "children." If anyone deserves to spend their free time blowing off steam, it's guys like Foley and Vnuk!  

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