Whiny New Yorker Makes Kickstarter for Better Egg Sandwiches

Another day, another Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, this one isn't as grandiose as funding Reading Rainbow or as hilarious as a guy who just wanted to make potato salad. In fact, this campaign"”which aims to notify all of Manhattan's delis on the proper way to make an egg sandwich"”just seems annoying. 

I'm not the only one who thinks so either. Sites like Gawker and the Gothamist have written stories on why Joseph Checkler, the brainchild behind the campaign, is nothing more than a whiny, attention-seeking jerk. Even the New York Times wrote a story on this guy's campaign, though its snark was much more concealed than the aforementioned sites who held back none of their distaste. 

You may be asking, "How does someone go about improving egg sandwiches at all of the delis in NYC?" That's a good questions. Checkler claims he "will save the adequate-but-underachieving NYC egg sandwich by delivering instructional leaflets to all midtown egg-sandwich makers." He then explains both the improper and proper ways to make what he believes to be is the perfect breakfast sandwich. To accomplish such a task, he needs to raise $310 "for printing and mailing costs, as well as for [his] time researching every corner of Midtown Manhattan to find out who needs this breakfast-saving leaflet." 

Now you may be thinking: "This guy officially has too much time on his hands" or "Gee, this guy's a real dirt ball who probably spends most of his time trolling teenager's YouTube channels." Trust me, I feel you"”especially since he's already raised over $400 to make his leaflet dreams come true. 

You see, the problem with campaigns like this is that they highlight our society's sense of entitlement and also work to ruin everything that Kickstarter used to represent. Back in its first days, Kickstarter was the place you could visit when you wanted to be part of a really cool, innovative technology startup. Now, it's a place where white dudes try to one-up each other on the ridiculous scale. 

If you've got a problem with your egg sandwich quality, check out another deli. You don't have to raise money to be a total jerk to local businesses. Or hey, if you want people to enjoy the quality you think they deserve, raise money for a food truck and make the food yourself. At least the potato salad guy was asking for help and promised a food party for most of his donors. 

All this campaign has managed to do is irk people … and inspire me to have a delicious egg sandwich for lunch. Ah, disdain never tasted so good. 
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