WATCH: Eminem's NEW Video - Apologizes To His Mom?!

I don't know about you, but I remember a GREAT rapper. 

A rapper whose expert use of four letter words and ruthless, take-no-prisoners approach to vengeful lyricism "“ would amp up angst-filled teens and twenty-somethings around the globe. 

He was unpredictable. 

He was raw. 

He was real. 

He was everything rappers NEED to be. 

But then, the worst thing that could happen to such a creative mind happened... 

He sobered up. 

As terrible as that sounds, it's the truth. 

As soon as Em cleansed his body and mind of the all the hallucinogenics and sedatives, he essentially lost "it." 

He, himself was lost. 

He figured, "lemme listen to my old, successful albums and see if I can't replicate that." 

But, all his attempts at re-hashing already stale idioms, cadences, and dated topical references fell embarrassingly flat. 

`Relapse' = God Awful. 

`Recovery' = Even farther away from the Slim Shady we all grew up loving. 

Don't even get me started on `The Marshall Mathers LP 2'... 

Let's just say that LP falls in line with all other "sequels" ever made: It SUCKED balls!!! 

For him to try and trick the listening public into thinking this would even be remotely as ground-breaking as the original `Marshall Mathers LP' is downright diabolical

And now, with his latest video for `Headlights,' he has only cemented himself in his corny new persona. 

It's one thing to spend an album flowing in an inexplicable Indian-esque accent. 

But for Marshall to straight up say "I'm sorry for what I've said in the past, Mrs. Mathers" is nothing short of OUTLANDISH! 

I know it's "nice" to think Em and his mom could squash their beef after all these years, but WTF?! 

That is NOT Eminem. 

If he's planning on taking this new, softer, more-at-peace-with-myself route, he just needs to change his name. 

Because all this stuff he's putting out is NOT Eminem. 

As far as I'm concerned: Eminem died in rehab. 

This video, directed by Spike Lee, was the last straw for me as an Eminem "fan" who has been patiently waiting for a hopeful return to greatness since his stint in rehab left him sober and unimaginative.

But, sadly, I guess that day will never come. 

Not if Em keeps making the wrong decision to growing up and mature as a person "“ Sure, his quality of life might improve, but his rapping will never be the same.

All this being said, I bet this is the most Spike Lee has cared about a white family since...EVER

For a look at the depressingly lame new video from Eminem "“ check out the video above.
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