WATCH: A 'Friends' Mini-Reunion On Jimmy Kimmel!

Friends has been making quite the splash in the run up to its 20-year anniversary. Just last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow all made an appearance to stage-read some of Kimmel's fan fiction inspired by the hit 90's TV series. It was awesomely weird. 

Kimmel revealed that he's had latent fantasies of embodying Ross Geller (David Schwimmer's character) and pulled out a script that he penned back during the show's run. Midway through his interview with guest Jennifer Aniston, Kimmel pulled back a curtain on stage to unveil a perfect $80,000 replica of the iconic New York City apartment featured in the series. When money and fandom cross, it can lead to some pretty amazingly freaky outcomes. 

Aniston agreed to read a scene from Kimmel's fan script, which focused mainly on Ross' (played by Kimmel) incredible abilities as a lovemaking god (something many of us already guessed about good old Jimmy). Cox and Kudrow entered just in time to assume their roles as Monica and Phoebe, respectively, and joined Rachel in celebrating Kimmel's unmatched mojo. 

All three women were deliciously uncomfortable. Despite the raunchy subject matter, they muscled through the scene like real pros. You rock, ladies. 

In an unrelated story, Warner Brothers announced it will be opening a pop-up replica of the Friends coffee shop Central Perk in Manhattan's SoHo district to celebrate the show's 20th anniversary. Attendees can sip on free coffee and peruse actual props used in the shooting of the series. If you happen to be in NYC September 17 "“ October 18, stop by 199 Lafayette Street for some Friend-ly sightseeing.
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