This Pile Of Garbage Is Actually Amazing Art!

What looks like a pile of junk someone left out on the curb, is actually a very sophisticated artistic medium. I mean, it is a pile of junk from most angles, but if you approach this unique display at just the right one, a pile of junk forms an amazingly precise portrait of a soldier. This 3D garbage sculpture is called a "junk collage," and French artist Bernard Pras, who created this particular piece, is one of the medium's most prolific visionaries. In addition to the portrait shown in this video, Pras has also replicated Van Gogh's 'Starry Night,' a popular Uncle Sam poster, Jack Nicholson's face, and other iconic images, using the "junk collage" method. 

Given his unusual ability to see the potential for art in every-day objects, I'm guessing Pras can't even walk past a neighborhood yard-sale without getting wildly inspired. Sure, his pieces might not be the kind you display around the house, but his ingenuity, uncanny ability to think outside the box, and craftsmanship are kind of genius. Plus, his brand of art--which requires no toxic paint or tree-murdering paper, is super eco-friendly. In fact, "creative recycling" might be an more fitting name for this unusual aesthetic. 
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