This App Will Completely Change The Way You Network


So much has changed about the way we connect with people, from social networking to messaging apps to the ubiquity of video calls. However, while these tools have given us more ways to keep in touch with people than ever before, they don't encourage us to forge meaningful, offline connections with new people, especially when it comes to networking. This is where networking app Shapr comes in. It's a smarter, faster way to create meaningful business relationships in the real world.

Here are the ways it will change how you network:

It connects you with relevant people.

For Shapr to connect two people, you have to both express interest in each other (like a dating app — you both have to swipe). This makes sure that the interest is mutual, which means you’re never going to reach out to someone who doesn’t want to hear from you.

It changes how you connect with people.

Rather than connecting you based on industry or title, when you first get into the app, it asks you to pick 10 tags, then matches you based on those tags. The advantage here is that picking just based on industry or title might eliminate viable connections you may never have thought to approach before, or it might include people who work in the same industry but actually have completely different interests. By matching you based on tags, you're more likely to connect with people who have shared interests.

You can let people know up front when and how you want to communicate. 

One of the great features of Shapr is that everyone’s profile has a section called "Favorite Ways To Meet." It lets you do two things. First, you can let people know when would be best to get in touch with you, whether that’s after work, breakfast, or on weekends. Second, you can let people know how you want to communicate, whether that’s a voice call, a video call, or an in-person coffee or walk. Not only can you make sure that you’re picking people whose schedules sync up with yours, you can also make sure you’re picking people who want to communicate in the way that allows you to put your best foot forward.

Shapr makes networking an everyday habit.

At first, networking every day might sound overwhelming, but even though the app sends you a new batch of people each day, it also limits you to 15 connections a day. It doesn't take much time to review enough profiles to make 15 connections, and the limit encourages you to be pickier about the connections you are making. Plus, when you focus on building genuine relationships, long before you have a specific project or job hunt in mind, those are the connections that are going to be the most valuable. That's why Shapr uses machine learning and improves your suggestions with every swipe, and then encourages you to take the conversation offline when you match.

It encourages a mindful way of networking.

From tags to swiping to "ways to meet," Shapr's features don't just make for a usable app, they get you to be more mindful about how you network. And a more thoughtful approach to how you do it can only help the quality of your connections. To give it a try yourself, download it here

This article is brought to you by Shapr, a mobile networking app that brings you a daily dose of inspiring people to meet.

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