Teacher Suspended For Teaching Teens to Twerk

Vodka, twerking and lap-dances are what good times are make of. Just ask Courtney Spruill. Obviously, Courtney is the kind of chick who'll throw up and keep on drinking. The kind who doesn't think twice about flashing the bar tender for free shots. She's the life of every party! Also, she's a middle school PE teacher.
Sure, Courtney, a Jacksonville, FL resident, knows that a little booze here and a little bump and grind there are all you need to spice up any get together. And when the soccer team of the middle school where Courtney is on faculty invited her to their end of the year bash, she saw no reason to treat the soiree any differently than she would any other party.
Which is why she arrived with a bottle of vodka, got good and loaded and proceeded to give the boys and girls in attendance twerking lessons. She even let one grind her lap-dance style, as smart phone footage of the event revealed. At the end of the night, Courtney also got to show one lucky student how good of a drunk driver she is, when she drove the presumably terrified kid home.
Now, no matter how good you are at twerking, no matter how proud you are of your booty shaking skills, there is never a good reason to twerk in front of, and especially not up against, the bodies of 13-year olds. This ordeal would be pretty messed up even if the students were seniors in high school, but the involvement of middle school kids makes it downright disturbing.
How a grown woman "“ an educator, mind you "“ saw nothing wrong with partying alongside her own barely teenaged students, as though they were her peers, is kind of mind boggling. Then again, she must have. After all, according to one student, Courtney addressed party-goers at one point saying, "Guys put away your phones; I could get fired for this."
Which can only mean that Courtney's behavior that night was, "toning it down" by her standards. Yikes. I'd be terrified to even imagine her on a typical night out with adults. If drinking and twerking is the child-friendly version of Courtney, I can only assume she huffs gasoline and murders hobos when it's time to really cut loose.
Surprisingly, even after seeing video evidence of Courtney being all kinds of inappropriate in front of minors, and having the parents who'd hosted the party confirm that Ms. Spruill had brought her own booze into their home, the school board decided to let her off with a slap on the wrist. Courtney was suspended without pay for all of 15 days, after which she's free to go back to work.
I don't know who Courtney had to twerk on to keep her job, but  a 15 day suspension seems like an awfully mild punishment given how irresponsible and just plain...icky, Courtney proved herself to be.
So, by allowing this hot mess to continue molding young minds, when by all accounts she shouldn't even be allowed within 200 feet of any minor, a Jacksonville school district has officially set the bar for public education even lower.

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