Student Pulls EPIC Pregnancy Prank On Teacher

A teacher at Aquinas College got absolutely OWNED by a student on April Fool's Day. 

It was the professor's policy, that if a student's phone rings during class "“ they are to answer that call on speakerphone. Basically, he'd publicly embarrass his students for innocently forgetting to turn their phones off. 

One student, however, decided to give the professor a scare by staging a fake paternity test call in the middle of class. 

Though the prank went off without a hitch, I feel like she let him off the hook far too soon. Had I been her, I would've dragged out his agony as long as I could have. 

I would've made a scene, publicly NOT accepting his "apology." I would even claim he was the father. 

I'd drag his name through the dirt in the media over the next few weeks "“ ruining his career. 

I wouldn't stop until he was forced to resign "“ even though he's just a year away from tenure. 

I'd call his house at least 70 times a day "“ and breath EXTRA heavy if his wife answered. 

I'd make him fly out with me to be on a Paternity Test episode of `Maury.' 

And it would be just as Mr. Povich is handed that fateful manila envelope, that I would lean over with a sly grin and whisper to my now defunct prof, "April Fools, b*tch." 

Now THAT is how you prank someone, young lady! 

For a look at the epic prank that ruined a teacher's day "“ check out the video above.
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