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The Founder Of Little Caesars Secretly Paid For Rosa Parks' Rent Until She Died

After the death of Little Caesars owner Mike Ilitch, people started spreading word of his good deed.

After This Guy Sacrificed His Tesla To Save An Unconscious Driver, Elon Musk Offered To Pay For The Repairs

Would you put your $70,000 Tesla on the line to save a life?

This New Law Guarantees All Military Dogs Will Be Returned Home When Retired

In the past, military dogs serving overseas were often left there to retire. Thanks to a new bill, every military dog will now come home to the US.

This College Student Was Charged $2,783 For Liquid Stitches And A Bandage

When a college student cut his finger, he never imagined that he'd be facing a bill of close to $3,000 for nothing more than liquid stitches and a bandage.

This Lonely Man Posted An Ad Asking For Someone To Go Fishing With Him And The Internet Pulled Through In Epic Fashion

I hope that you like crying in public because this story will bring you to tears.

This Man Took A Polaroid Every Day Until He Died, And It's Totally Inspiring

Artist Jamie Livingston started this project in 1979, and continued it as long as he could.

After A Mosque Was Burned To The Ground, Americans Across The Country Raised Over $850,000 To Help Rebuild It

This story is just proof that good people do exist in the world.

This Twitter Account Commemorates The Victims That Were Killed After The US Turned Away A Jewish Refugee Ship

Could history be repeating itself?

Modeling Agencies Are Refusing To Sign This Woman Because 'The Market Isn't Ready'

Is the world of fashion ready for Alexandra Kutas?

This Muslim-Run Clinic Is Helping People In Need By Offering Free Health Care

A Muslim-run clinic in Orlando, Florida provides people in need with free health care, no strings attached.

People Are Outraged After A Teacher Assigned Homework Telling Girls How To Act On Dates

What year is it again…?

This Artist Is Showing Tourists Just How Insensitive Their Pictures At Holocaust Memorials Truly Are

Maybe yoga poses AREN'T the best way to remember one of history's greatest tragedies?

This Highway Was Covered In Hundreds Of Thousands Of Red Skittles, And That's Not Even The Weird Part

When thousands of Skittles were spilled along a road, authorities were confused. But then the horrifying truth of where those candies were going emerged.

After This Woman Forgot Her Purse In An Uber, It Embarked On An Epic Adventure

She may have lost her purse, but it looks like her purse found life!

This Ridiculous Restaurant Forces Its Wait Staff To Sign A Despicable 'Employee Agreement'

Here, take this 'Employee Agreement' and I'll show you where to shove it.