Starbucks Is Going to Sell Soda Now

Starbucks is now selling handcrafted sodas called "Fizzio" in 3,000 stores across the country, with plans of serving the sodas in all of their stores in the future. 

Apparently these new, carbonated drinks aren't going to have preservatives, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, or caffeine. The announcement seems to go perfectly with their plans to grow their company even bigger. They already have a beer and wine selection as well as a "Starbucks Evenings" menu of small plates such as truffle mac 'n cheese and flatbreads at select locations, and they just purchased Teavana. They're rapidly growing. 

It's not like the massive corporation is suffering financially and needs to branch out "“ they made nearly $15 billion in revenue last year alone. But that's just the way corporations work, right? Why settle for $15 billion when you could make more by selling small sodas for $2.45 a pop (pun-intended)? 

But Starbucks isn't the only chain food and drink company to expand their menus. McDonald's has been on a gourmet coffee kick and even has its own Frappuccino drinks, unimaginatively called "Frappés," and Taco Bell is now serving waffle tacos. What's next, KFC kale juice? 

Pretty soon all fast food chains will offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an array of beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for sale. While that would be convenient for the frequent traveler or the family who's just not in the mood for a home-cooked or expensive restaurant meal, would it be worth it? 

Honestly, you go to Burger King for a burger, Taco Bell for tacos, and Starbucks for your coffee "” why continue adding menu items when you became popular for your original offerings? Instead of trying to become something bigger, why not take the time, energy, and money to improve the quality of your existing menu? Quality over quantity, people. 

Best of luck selling your caffeine-free sodas, Starbucks. Though, it's not like you need it. You could start selling your own line of dog food and people would line up to buy it "“ hey... that's not a bad idea. Better grab it before McDonald's does!
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