Sleepy Man Breaks into Police Car for a Snooze

Even criminals need some shuteye now and again. Take Nicholas Cunliffe (33), for example, when he was arrested in Boston Monday on charges of stealing a taxicab and then released on bail. After leaving the police station early in the morning, he wasted no time in getting to work on his next crime: breaking into a vacant cop car parked outside. 

When officers came out to the car to investigate what was going on, they found Cunliffe asleep in the front seat. Cunliffe told the officers he was just looking for a place to rest his weary bones. 

And can you blame the guy? For Pete's sake, he was arrested at 3 a.m. for stealing the cab and he probably didn't get a whole lot of sleep in the slammer"“what between getting his fingerprints and mug shots taken, not to mention having to defend himself. The whole ordeal must have been terribly exhausting. 

Last week, something similar happened in Lexington, Massachusetts: A hospital worker was returning to her car after a late shift when she found two strange men asleep in it. 

It just goes to show you that both criminals and pedestrians need more safe, not to mention comfortable, places to nap. Where was the pooped-out Cunliffe supposed to rest his head if not on the plush seat of a police vehicle he surprisingly managed his way into? Back in the hoosegow? What a nightmare that place is. 

The truth of the matter is that there are so few places for the fatigued and drowsy to catch some spontaneous z's outside their own homes. Look at these limited options:
  • Fall asleep in a coffee shop and you get looked at funny 
  • Nap too long on a moving bus, and the driver's going to wake you up 
  • Pass out in the middle of a public park and the birds will peck at you. Then come the ants. 
City of Boston! Let this incident, and incidents like it, force you to reconsider your urban design! Maybe fewer universities, and more napperies (a word I invented meaning places for napping).
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